GTA 3 Definitive Edition Brings Back Giant Car Glitch From Original

As if the GTA: The Trilogy – The Definitive Edition didn’t have enough problems, one player discovered that the giant car glitch from GTA 3 is still in the game.

If you hadn’t noticed, the recent GTA remasters have been experiencing a few problems. Some, like the sheer inability to see anything while it’s raining, are newer problems. But GTA 3 saw the return of the giant car glitch. A video posted by DarkwingDust69 showed the glitch in action. It’s simple, really; if you move about too much, the car will get bigger and bigger.

What DarkwingDust69 didn’t show, however, was the steps needed to achieve this in the first place. The giant car glitch is actually the byproduct of another glitch. Another user posted a video below the original tweet detailing the steps to even get to that glitch in the first place.

The first glitch you need to enact revolves around the taxi missions. The taxi glitch involves tricking the game into thinking a different car is a taxi. Then, the next glitch you activate is actually a ‘ghost car’ glitch, which removes collision on the car.

The giant car glitch is a byproduct of the ghost car glitch, for reasons I couldn’t possibly tell you. The original video doesn’t quite accurately portray how many problems the game has. But it is a reminder that game development is complicated, and more importantly, weird. There’s a possibility that someone in quality assurance was aware of this glitch, but because it’s so specific to enact it was shipped anyway. 

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Featured Image Credit: Rockstar Games