GTA 5 Is Playable On The Original Nintendo Game Boy

A talented hardware enthusiast has managed to run GTA 5 on the original Nintendo Game Boy. What a wonderful age we live in!

As spotted by, Sebastian Staacks uploaded a video to the YouTube channel “there oughta be”. The video detailed the step-by-step process of being able to run GTA 5 on the Game Boy.

YouTube video

Sure, the visuals are quite difficult to see on the handheld, but it’s an incredible achievement nonetheless and it makes me wonder, what could be next?

How was GTA 5 able to run on the Game Boy?

In a nutshell, Staacks created a Wi-Fi Game Boy cartridge and it allowed games to be streamed to the retro handheld console. “A few weeks ago, I created a Game Boy cartridge with built-in Wi-Fi,” said Staacks. “Now I taught it to stream video and play games—in full resolution. At 20 fps. On an unmodified original Game Boy.

game boy stock image
Credit: Unsplash/@ravipalwe

Staacks went on to say how streaming to the Game Boy came to be. “When I presented my Wi-Fi Game Boy cartridge a few weeks ago, I only had very few simple text-based demos. This post and especially the accompanying video now deliver more. I might have gone a bit too far, as I managed to stream full-resolution video and even play games via Wi-Fi.

Are you impressed with GTA 5 running on the Nintendo Game Boy and what game would you like to see being played on the retro console next? Let us know across our social media channels.

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