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Apple Could Be ‘Poaching’ Xbox Engineers To Make A New Console

According to a recent rumour, it’s claimed Apple is “poachingXbox engineers sparking speculation that a new console is on the way.

The rumour is courtesy of Windows Central journalist Jez Corden. The intriguing claim was made on the latest episode of The Xbox Two podcast. We first heard rumours of the iOS giant entering the console market in May 2021. Could there be no smoke without fire?

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Jez Corden claims that the possibility of Apple launching its own gaming console has been around for a while. However, he also states that his sources currently have no concrete proof that it will happen. So, at this stage, the reports are purely speculation.


I’ve been hearing for a while that Apple has been poaching Xbox engineers to make its own console,” claimed Corden. I’ve heard that for ages, that Apple was exploring making a video game console. And I don’t know if it’s going to be a VR play, or a metaverse thing, or something like that…

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Credit: Microsoft

Will Apple enter the console market?

Corden continued: “I don’t know if that’ll come to fruition, I don’t know if they’ve cancelled it already because Apple explore a ton of stuff… I don’t have amazing sourcing on this, I have no documents, I have no photographs, but it’s just something I heard.

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Credit: SCREEN POST via Unsplash

Obviously, until we receive an official confirmation, we must take all rumours with a pinch of salt.


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