GTA designer’s new game releases teaser trailer

Former GTA and Red Dead developer Leslie Benzies has revealed a new game called MindsEye. Here’s what we know about it so far.

Build A Rocket Boy, the game development studio founded by former Rockstar/GTA boss Leslie Benzies is releasing the upcoming MindsEye. Now, we can see what we can expect with the arrival of a new teaser trailer.

What is MindsEye?

MindsEye is described as a “high-octane, AAA, story-driven action-adventure game” that takes place in a world of “futuristic corporations, conspiracy theories, and sinister new technologies.”

However, it is set to be released in a somewhat non-traditional way – it will be part of another game. MindsEye will be available within the Everywhere platform which has been described as a platform capable of “a world of endless possibilities.”

Within the Everywhere, players can find portals and one of these portals will take you to the world of MindsEye. 

Screenshot from the MindsEye trailer - the GTA style game coming to the Everywhere platform.
Credit: GameSpot


The team’s aim for this game was to not make a “normal” game, and it sounds like they have achieved just that. Additionally, they hope to create a world where players can hang out with friends, share, create and more. 

YouTube video

The teaser trailer that has been released shows your character being able to delve into one of these portals thanks to the technology embedded within him. As a result, he is thrown into a GTA-esque world of car chases, gun fights and large-scale explosions.

We also spot what looks like a robot army as well as formidable looking tanks and even glowing runes. What this game will be about story-wise is anybody’s guess.

The trailer ends encouraging players to find out more via their official website.

In other news

As for Rockstar, we know they are currently working on the much-anticipated GTA 6. Luckily, this may be coming a lot sooner than people think according to recent leaks.

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