GTA 6 release date may be coming sooner than you think

An insider has recently revealed that the GTA 6 release date may be revealed for sooner than you think.

With it almost being a decade since the release of GTA 5, fans are desperate for any information about the next title in the franchise. Luckily, their prayers might have been answered. Thanks to GTA insider, Tez2 who took to Reddit to share their knowledge: 

GTA 6 release date – What do we know

The post suggests that GTA 6 could be set for a 2024 holiday launch. However, “it could slip into early 2025 as well.” They also claim that the 2024 deadline is “always-changing-not-set-in-stone.” So take from that what you will.

The insider also claims that Rockstar’s upper management might not be in a position to delay the game to later than 2025/2026. They also add that with the majority of its developers back in office for the first time since the Pandemic, a more solid release date could be possible.

The post ends with Tez2 hinting that some portions of GTA 6 could be cut in order to make way for DLCs. This would make things easier for management as a way to stop further delays.

An insider has recently revealed that the GTA 6 release date may be revealed for sooner than you think.
Credit: Rockstar

GTA 6 information so far

With this insider claiming that an announcement is “a given” this year, it’s worth looking back at what we know so far. Courtesy of leaks posted back in 2022, we know GTA 6 is in a fairly developed state. 

These leaks consisting of ninety videos combining over fifty minutes of footage showed what the company has been working on so far.

However, Rockstar is not an independent developer but is instead owned by Take-Two Interactive. In a recent interview, CEO of the company Strauss Zelnick said the leaks were “an emotional matter.” 

There have also been rumours that GTA 6 could have a single-player DLC, a female protagonist and could possibly be set in the 90s. However, with a franchise as big as this, rumours are part of the course. 

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