GTA’s Franklin Gives Update On GTA 6 Development

The world is still eagerly awaiting news on Rockstar Games’ next big adventure which is presumed to be none other than Grand Theft Auto 6.

Credit: Rockstar Games

Although Rockstar is keeping quiet on the title and its development, GTA actor Shawn Fonteno definitely isn’t, and recently took to social media to offer fans an update on GTA 6. 

Fonteno, who played Franklin in GTA 5, recently told gamers to be patient with Rockstar, citing the coronavirus pandemic as one of the potential reasons for a lack of GTA 6 news. 

“Don’t knock Rockstar down man. Don’t be on ‘em,” the voice actor said during an Instagram live [via Dexerto]. 

Credit: Rockstar Games

“Talking about ‘Y’all milking GTA 5’ and ‘when is six gonna come out?’ Y’all gotta understand, it’s a process to put these games out man.”

Fonteno also hinted that the global pandemic has played a role in how Rockstar has been handling the game behind the scenes, telling fans: “COVID hit so it kind slowed sh*t down…

“They just can’t throw anything out. Y’all wouldn’t accept it if they threw GTA 6 out right now and it just had bulls**t on there.”

Credit: Rockstar Games

The actor also spoke of Rockstar’s meticulous crafting when it comes to its games, telling fans to be patient.

“It’s time man. I keep telling you, if you all look at the interviews of us, it took us like four – four-and-a-half years to film and complete GTA 5. So, you gotta understand and know.”

Check out the video in the clip below.

Sadly, the company has yet to even confirm the game’s existence, let alone show off any gameplay or even a trailer. However, multiple industry insiders have confirmed it’s happening, and with a cash cow like GTA on its hands, it’s not likely Rockstar’s put this one out to pasture. Hopefully we’ll hear some confirmed news on the game sooner rather than later.

Featured Image Credit: Rockstar Games