Halo Infinite Getting Classic Maps, 343 Developer Hints

Halo Infinite could be about to get classic maps for its online multiplayer, hints a 343 Industries developer.

The news of Halo Infinite receiving classic maps was hinted at by the head of creative at 343 Industries, Joseph Staten, who also worked on the original Halo trilogy. As reported by Game Rant, Staten was speaking to the Kinda Funny podcast team on the Xcast show.

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While Staten didn’t officially confirm the pending arrival of classic maps, he did say: “There are a lot of [classic Halo] maps that are awesome.” Adding that it would be “awesome to play on those maps again.

We’d love to see classic maps!

Staten also said that it would be “fun” to see some fan-favourite maps return and that he would be marking down the possibility in his notebook. Let’s hope classic maps do arrive in Halo Infinite.

In related Halo Infinite news, season two of “The Lone Wolves” launched on May 3rd. However, some fans are not happy with its content as well as the fact that season two has been stretched out until November 7th.

While I am a fan of Halo Infinite’s multiplayer, season two hasn’t particularly got me all that excited. However, I think the addition of some fan-favourite Halo maps might please a lot of fans. After all, who doesn’t love a dose of nostalgic goodness?

What fan favourite Halo maps would you like to see return? Let us know on Twitter.

YouTube video

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Featured Image Credit: 343 Industries