New Halo Infinite features have been confirmed.

Halo Infinite Will Support Crossplay On Xbox And PC

Halo Infinite is set to have crossplay support while also supporting super ultrawide aspect ratios and triple keybinds on PC.

Image from Halo
Credit: 343 Industries

The shooter’s upcoming features were announced via the official Halo Twitter account, accompanied by an AMA blog post on the game’s website:

Crossplay, super ultrawide, triple keybinds, and so much more – #HaloInfinite on PC is being built from the ground up with the platform’s strengths in mind. Read about the team’s vision and what PC players can expect in our latest Inside Infinite.”

Halo Infinite’s developer, 343 Industries, also delved further into the importance of crossplay while exploring the prospect of a fair multiplayer experience:

“We want to ensure fairness and adding PC into the mix opens Pandora’s box. We felt like we had to make an anti-cheat solution that doesn’t get in the way, doesn’t root your machine, doesn’t block your legitimate applications – we want the most unobtrusive thing possible that ensures a safe way for everyone to play together.

Key art for Halo Infinite
Credit: 343 Industries

For crossplay again we prioritize fairness without being too restrictive, so we have to draw lines players are comfortable with (input-based restrictions for ranked matches) while maintaining flexibility (you don’t have to buy the game on a different platform to play with your friends, worst case you switch input devices).”

“We also want to ensure nobody feels like they’re at a significant disadvantage because of the way they’re playing (within reason; a 10-year-old PC just isn’t going to be as fast as a brand new ultra-high-end PC). If we do our job right, in combination with our TrueSkill 2 ranking system, everyone should be able to trust they’re getting a fair shake in the crossplay ecosystem.”

Credit: 343 Industries

The AMA also quizzed 343’s Mike Romero and Jeff Guy on their favourite aspects of Halo Infinite’s PC version. This prompted both Romero and Guy to express their excitement for the game’s ultrawide aspect ratio options, as well as Halo Infinite’s previously mentioned crossplay compatibility.

According to Jeff Guy, Halo Infinite looks “looks absolutely stunning in 21:9”, while Romero commented that Ultrawide mode is featured “across the whole experience of the game”. 

Halo Infinite is expected to release at some point in 2021 on Xbox Series X|S and PC.

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Featured Image Credit: 343 Industries