Metal Gear Solid Composer & Stardew Valley Creator Reveal Musical Collaboration

The creator of Stardew Valley has teamed up with Metal Gear Solid’s Norihiko Hibino and Etrian Odyssey pianist, Ayakti to create a track for an upcoming Prescription for Sleep album [via PC Gamer].

Credit: Konami

Stardew Valley is the latest entry into the “Prescription for Sleep: Game Music Lullabies” collection, which also includes albums based on the likes of Shovel Knight, Undertale and Celeste.

The series’ creator, Scarlet Moon Studios, has dubbed the Stardew Valley release as “particularly special”, based on the fact that it’s produced entirely by the game’s developer, Eric Barone:

“I almost feel bad that we turned things around and put him to work. But I must say having the personal touch of the composer and creator of Stardew Valley makes this volume all that much more meaningful.”

Stardew Valley title screen
Credit: Concerned Ape

During a conversation with PC Gamer, Barone expressed his love for Prescription for Sleep while describing how his involvement in the series came to be:

“I was already a fan of Gentle Love’s Prescription for Sleep series. I listened to their Secret of Mana album a lot while working on Stardew Valley. After they made Shovel Knight and Undertale albums, it dawned on me that Stardew Valley might be a perfect fit as well, so I approached Scarlet Moon Records with the idea.”

Screenshot of a farm in Stardew Valley
Credit: Concerned Ape

Also commenting on the project, Norihiko Hibino delved into his contribution to the soundtrack and his appreciation for Stardew Valley’s musical premise:

The original concept of the game, to feel nature and live in it, is quite well enhanced by the original game soundtrack. Ayaki and I talked a lot to illustrate the same atmosphere the original music expresses and pick up the essence to develop our own take on it. In other words, the original soundtrack itself inspired us a lot.”

YouTube video

Prescription for Sleep: Stardew Valley is scheduled to release on Bandcamp, Apple Music, iTunes and Amazon from the 14th of May. You can also check out the Prescription for Sleep series on Spotify!

Are you looking forward to this Metal Gear and Stardew Valley collaboration?

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Featured Image Credit: Konami/Concerned Ape