Haven’t Finished Far Cry 6 Yet? Ubisoft Will Harass You About It

If you haven’t put much playtime into Far Cry 6, Ubisoft is letting you know that now via email.

In a bizarre move from the developer, GamesIndustry.biz’s Brendan Sinclair received an email mocking him for his three hours of playtime in Far Cry 6.

The top of the email reads “It was amusing watching you fail”, and further down it says “Surely you can do better than this” just about your hour count. The email is of course signed off by “El Presidente”, or Antón Castillo, Far Cry 6’s main villain.

As Sinclair himself pointed out, games desperately want you to play them. But this is possibly a step too far in the wrong direction. Ubisoft’s games are often littered with quest markers to keep you playing. Cluttering your inbox is a whole other issue though. 

I find the email to be particularly irksome because of the condescending tone it takes. Not finishing a game isn’t a failure, especially if you just don’t like the game. If anything, an email like this is just a reminder of the money you wasted on the game. Everyone who regularly plays games has an infinitely long backlog. It should be fine to play a game for only three hours.

Emails like this don’t respect players’ time, and more importantly, privacy. I don’t want to always be thinking about playing a game, I have other things to do in life. Please don’t try to guilt me into capturing another tower, or gunning down random NPCs.

Next time Ubisoft emails me, let it be about how they’re providing better working conditions.

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Featured Image Credit: Ubisoft