You Can Get 50% Off PS Now At The Moment, Here’s How

Right now, you can grab a bargain by claiming 50% off the Sony subscription service PS Now. So, what are you waiting for?

In the UK, for an annual yearly subscription, PS Now would normally cost you £49.99. This isn’t bad considering that it works out to be just over £4 per month to access its vast library of games. So, from now and ending on October 31st at 23:59 BST, you can claim a yearly subscription to PlayStation Now for just £24.99. That’s just over £2 a month. Bargain!

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I’ve already subscribed to PS Now in the past, can I still take up this offer?

Yes, you can. It doesn’t matter if you have subscribed to PS Now in the past. As long as you do not have an active subscription, you can subscribe for a low price of £24.99. But if you want to take advantage of this offer, you have only got a few days to do so.

Will I continue to get the discount after the first year has ended?

No, you won’t. Once the full year has expired, you will be charged the standard £49.99. It’s also worth mentioning that auto-renew will be set as active by default. So, if you only plan on subscribing for the £24.99 price, you might want to turn auto-renew off.

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How do I turn off auto-renew?

That’s easy. Simply go into your Account Management in your PS4/PS5 settings. Select Subscription and here you will find your PS+ and PS Now subscriptions. Select Turn Off Auto-Renew on PS Now and you’ll be safe from an increased charge next year.

PS Now has some fantastic games to enjoy from multiple PlayStation generations. Titles such as The Last of Us: Part 2, God of War (2018), Nier: Automata, Fallout: New Vegas and more. Furthermore, arriving on December 7th this year to PS Now is Grand Theft Auto 3: The Definitive Edition.

Credit: Sony

If you want to take up the 50% off offer for PS Now, you can subscribe here. The offer is available in select European countries. PS Now is also accessible on PC, so now might be your chance to finally play Bloodborne.

Will you be subscribing to PS Now for £24.99 for the year? I know that I am tempted. Let us know if you will across our social media channels.

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Featured Image Credit: Sony