Here Are Your PlayStation Plus Games For December

Sony has announced the line-up of games arriving on PlayStation Plus for December 2021, and it’s looking like a bumper month!

This month’s offerings aren’t exactly much of a surprise – they leaked much earlier than normal last week. Still, while the three games for December aren’t surprising, that doesn’t mean they’re any less good. Personally, I think this might be the best collection we’ve had in a while!

In November, PlayStation Plus members were offered Knockout City, Kingdoms of Amalur Re:Reckoning, and First Class Trouble. On top of that, players were offered three additional PSVR titles in celebration of the headset’s fifth anniversary. You can still download those titles for free now, but be quick! They’ll expire once December’s tites take over in a couple of days.

So, what three games can PlayStation Plus members download for free in December 2021?


First up on the list, and arguably the biggest of the bunch, is Godfall: Challenger Edition. PlayStation fans might remember this as one of the launch titles for the PS5, expertly showcasing what the new console is capable of. It’s got stunning visuals and some excellent use of the DualSense haptic feedback. The gameplay loop involves hacking and slashing your way through bountiful enemies and bosses, all in search of higher tier loot.

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If the wait for Elden Ring is killing you, this next title might just whet that appetite. Mortal Shell looks strikingly similar to a Dark Souls game, but it isn’t developed by FromSoftware. It has gruesome, visceral looking melee combat in which you’ll fight awesome looking demons and monsters. Its world looks suitably grim, if enticing to explore, too. It all runs at a stunning 60fps on the PS5, making Mortal Shell an excellent free pickup for owners of the newer-gen console.

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Last up for PlayStation Plus members in December 2021 is LEGO DC Super Villains. Before you roll your eyes, hear us out on this one – DC Super Villains is actually one of the more interesting LEGO games in recent years. It tells an original story that sees an amalgamation of villains from the DC comics come together to fight a corrupted Justice League. You play as your own custom character, complete with superpowers that you can choose yourself. Especially with the Christmas holidays coming up, this is a perfect game to get cosy with!

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