PlayStation Plus Games Lineup For December 2021 Has Leaked

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A little earlier than usual this month, the line-up of free PlayStation Plus games for December 2021 has leaked online.

It’s common for the PlayStation Plus line-up to leak, but it’s happened much earlier than usual this month. Anyhow, who are we to complain? If the leak is true, it’s looking like a fairly bumper month! Well, I think so at least.

In November, PlayStation Plus members are able to download Knockout City, Kingdoms of Amalur and First Class Trouble for free. In addition, a collection of PSVR titles are also up for grabs in celebration of the VR unit’s fifth anniversary.

It sadly doesn’t look like we’re getting any more VR titles this month, but the lineup is still pretty solid. Here are the free games that PlayStation Plus members might be able to enjoy next month.

PlayStation Plus Games – December 2021

The headline PS5 title this month appears to be Godfall. This was a PS5 launch title late last year that sadly didn’t pick up much traction. Launching simultaneously on the PC Epic Games Store, it’s a hack and slack looter RPG that sees you take control of different God-like creatures. Each with their own fighting style, you’re tasked with taking down plenty of enemies and some tricky looking bosses. As a title built for the PS5, Godfall certainly looks the part and has lots of fancy DualSense features to boot.

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Next up is a game that you might not have heard of. It’s called Mortal Shell and is a AA title that resembles something akin to Dark Souls. With fantastic looking melee combat that seems as though it’s pretty punishing, this might just scratch that Soulsborne itch before Elden Ring launches next year. Mortal Shell recently arrived on Xbox Game Pass too, so it’s great to see PlayStation players get a piece of the pie.

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Last up is possibly my favourite addition to the line-up – it’s LEGO DC Super Villains. You can’t go wrong with a good LEGO game. The more recent entries have started including open worlds with plenty to see, do, and collect. DC Super Villains lets you create your own protagonist that joins up with a ragtag group of DC villains. With some fantastic voice acting and fun mission structures, it’s certainly one of the more ambitious LEGO games in recent years.

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This leak arrived from the usual French forum site, Deadlabs. While it hasn’t yet been corroborated by Sony, it’s usually always fairly accurate. The list should be officially revealed either later this week or early next week.

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