Here’s What Game Of Thrones Would Look Like As A PS1 Game

A dedicated Game of Thrones fan has recreated scenes from the iconic TV show as a PS1-style adventure game.

It’s set right at the end of the TV series – when Daenerys and Drogon burned Kings Landing to the ground. User u/alundbjork posted an extract from the nostalgic pretend game to Reddit. Make sure you have the sound on so you can experience the squelchy sound effects and hilarious dialogue. The commenters of r/gameofthrones were very impressed with u/alundbjork’s creation. The dialogue and loading screens got special mention.

Nostalgic gaming is a huge trend at the moment – and it’s not the first time that a popular culture product has been reworked as a PS1 game. But it’s rare that a non-game gets this treatment! Perhaps this funny rework of Daenerys’ destruction of King’s Landing will help rehabilitate the series in time for House of the Dragon. 

Credit: u/alundbjork

There’s been a bunch of real Game of Thrones videogames – from mobile games like Beyond The Wall and Tale of Crows to the 2012 RPG game. If you’re looking for something super nostalgic, however, there’s a Game of Thrones MUSH authorised by G.R.R. Martin that’s been going since 2007. MUSH stands for Multi-User Shared Hallucination – a variation on a MUD – and consists of a social text-based role-playing game. Now that’s retro gaming.

What do you think of this PlayStation 1 version of Game of Thrones? Would you like to see it made into a real game? Let us know via our social media channels.


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Featured Image Credit: HBO