Hero Dad Builds Custom Controller For Disabled Daughter

Here’s a positive story to start off your day, and it involves a father building a custom-made controller for his disabled daughter. The adaptive controller means the avid gamer can now play some of her favourite video games, including the ever-amazing The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild.

Dad Rory Steel, who is known as a tinkerer, purchased a range of parts from eBay costing around £110 GBP (around $144 USD) to make the creation. He also used a Microsoft device and hooked it up to the award winning Xbox Adaptive Controller, an accessory that is used to allow people with certain disabilities to play video games. 

Credit: Microsoft

The custom-made controller has two joysticks, and flashing buttons, taking inspiration from old-school arcade cabinet systems. It gets even more impressive though, as Rory built this amazing controller over the course of just one weekend!

Sharing his success in a now-viral tweet, Rory said: “Finished! Ava gives my homemade #accessibility controller V1.0 the thumbs up. She can play @Nintendo #BreathoftheWild on her #switch like her friends now. All thanks to @Microsoft

Rory’s daughter Ava has a hereditary form of paraplegia that affects her speech and motor controls, and sadly her younger brother Corben also suffers with the same condition.  But it’s amazing in this day and age that such devices can be built from the comfort of your own home, and this is something truly inspiring from people like Rory Steel.

Credit: Twitter/JerseyITGuy

Rory’s amazing efforts even caught the attention of Bryan Johnson, founder of Microsoft’s Inclusive Tech Lab and inventor of the Xbox controller. Bryan offered to assist Rory if he were to have any questions.

Rory Steel has said that he plans to upload instructions online, so that others can build similar devices to help loved ones play the games they love.  Mr Steel, you truly are an inspiration and the world salutes you.

Featured Image Credit: Twitter/JerseyITGuy