Another Hideo Kojima Horror Game Reportedly Cancelled

Hideo Kojima was apparently working on a now-cancelled horror game for Google Stadia, according to a report by VGC.

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Credit: Instagram/Kojima//Kojima Productions/Konami

The Mear Solid creator can’t catch a break when it comes to the horror genre. Kojima’s last attempt at horror was the cancelled “Silent Hills”, which was to set become the next instalment in the Konami franchise. Sadly, we now know that Kojima’s horror fantasies were quashed yet again, this time by Stadia’s Phil Harrison.

The VGC report states that Stadia axed the Kojima Productions title alongside various others. The game was allegedly episodic, similar to The Dark Picture Anthology or Telltale’s The Walking Dead. Kojima was reportedly eager to enter the cloud gaming scene before the bad news hit.

Image of Heather in Silent Hill 3
Credit: Konami

This isn’t the first time that we’ve heard about a cancelled Kojima Productions game. Just last year, Kojima stated that he’d had one of his “major projects” cancelled, saying, “I’m pretty pissed, but that’s the games industry for you”. Could this be the same project cancelled by Stadia? Perhaps. If it’s not, then Kojima has had a rough time in the industry as of late.

Speaking of trials, tribulations and cancellations, Google Stadia has had a hell of a year. Stadia’s future is looking a little bleak, from the closure of its in-house developments to various cancelled projects. Amongst such projects is a multiplayer game by an ex-Assassins Creed creative and a sequel to 2020’s Journey to the Savage Planet [via VGC].

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Credit: Konami

Stadia’s relationship with developers has also been somewhat rocky. Harmonix CEO Steve Janiak previously gave Google an ultimatum after the studio’s next music game faced complications regarding music licensing.

The has yet to be cancelled for Stadia, but Janiak has said that Harmonix would “take it to other platforms” if the issues aren’t resolved [via GamingBible].

Lisa in P.T
Credit: Konami

Who knows, perhaps Kojima will find a new home for his horror game. After all, fans are still hungry for the developer’s take on horror. 

Featured Image Credit: Konami