Hideo Kojima Wants To Create Anime And Manga Series

I’d watch.

Credit: Twitter/Hideo Kojima

Hideo Kojima is best known for creating some of most outside-the-box video games of all time, but his heart has always been in the world of cinema. From a young age, Kojima aspired to enter the realm of movie-making – something which is reflected in his lengthy cinematic game sequences.

The launch of Kojima Productions doesn’t mean that Kojima’s sole focus is on gaming, in fact, far from it. In a recent interview with Famitsu [translated by Dualshockers], Kojima revealed he’s eyeing up smaller projects, including an anime series.

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Credit: Kojima Productions

The translation states that Kojima would love to work on a manga with a view to have it adapted into an anime. Although it might not seem a likely project for the workaholic, it seems he already has an artist in mind for the manga, Yoji Shinkawa, who was also in the interview.

The duo also spoke of their passion for mecha, and how they’d like to incorporate mecha into an anime series.

Personally I think the weird, wacky and wonderful work of Hideo Kojima would be the perfect fit for a manga and anime!


The gaming wizard went on to tell the publication that one of his planned projects is a “big” game, though what that means is up for speculation. Many fans are still hoping for Kojima to try his hand at horror following the release of his playable Silent Hills demo back in 2014.

After he split from Konami and left the now-canned Silent Hill project, gamers have been hoping and praying for a fully-fledged Kojima horror experience.

Credit: Konami

On Twitter just a few weeks ago, Kojima shared an image of a desk littered with books, writing: “Maybe I was too tired I slept over this morning. I wanted to go see Last Christmas 1st thing in the morning but realized today was Christmas Eve. Me as an old man going to the theater by myself on this day? I changed my plan to stay in my office working on my next concept.”

The books shown, which presumably will be research for this “next concept,” are Death’s End and The Dark Forest, two novels in a Chinese sci-fi trilogy by acclaimed author, Cixin Liu.

Is this a clue about his next project?

Featured Image Credit: Kojima Productions

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