Hitman 3 Is Already Causing Issues For Players

The website that carriers over player progress from Hitman 2 to the newly-released Hitman 3 is apparently down, and it’s already causing issues for players.

Image from Hitman 3
Credit: iO Interactive

In a report by Forbes, writer Dave Thier expresses disappointment in the carryover system. The writes states: “All the web pages associated with the system are loading only intermittently, with major delays coming up when they come up at all.” 

The migration tools then appear to suffer from issues even upon loading.


Thier further elaborates on in his report: “even when I manage to get all the way through to the page that should ostensibly get things going, it says I have no eligible Hitman 2 accounts active, despite the account page showing a Hitman 2 account elsewhere. Troubleshooting the whole process is incredibly difficult because pages only load about half the time, and do it so slow.

Hitman 3
Credit: IO Interactive

Gamers have also taken to Reddit with the problem. Many players seem to be reporting the same issues. User iOSAT posted the following summarisation of events:

“TLDR: Hitman 3 allows players to ‘carryover’ their progress in the game’s previous levels to Hitman 3, including unlocks usable in all levels. You are prompted to login to their site upon starting the game, but the site is largely down. If you choose to ‘carryover’ after playing Hitman 3, your progress is reset and overwritten. No ETA on a fix.


“Frustrating situation, but it will likely be resolved by the end of the day— although if their dedicated sign-in website can’t handle players attempting to login on a Wednesday morning, I’m not sure how quickly they’ll get it up and running.”

Users have since responded to this by expressing their disappointment that the tools weren’t available before launch. This would have let fans prepare.

On Twitter, one user complained: “I am honestly tired of having to show understanding for such failures. It’s release day, I payed for the game, I can’t play – Sorry, but it’s that simple. It sucks to have to go through this detour via a broken account system just for marketing reasons. Please respect my time.”


It’s likely that IO Interactive will soon have a fix in place, but it’s still frustrating for launch day players. At the time of writing, some players are now reporting that they’ve been able to carryover their progress. IO has yet to confirm the issue is resolved for all players.

Have you experienced this issue with Hitman 3? Keen to learn more on the game? Check out our review here!

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Featured Image Credit: IO Interactive