Hogwarts Legacy full trophies and achievements revealed

The Hogwarts Legacy full Trophies and Achievements have been revealed ahead of its launch in February 2023.

In total, Hogwarts Legacy will have 46 Trophies containing the usual mixture of Bronze, Silver, and Gold as well as the singular Platinum. As often is the case, the PlayStation Trophies will be the same equivalent to that of Xbox, PC Steam and Epic Games Store Achievements.

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Hogwarts Legacy Trophies and Achievements will keep you busy!

The list of Trophies/Achievements is courtesy of the YouTube guides channel, PowerPyx. However, the Trophy/Achievement hunting channel has stated that it’s possible that Trophy values could change on PS5/PS4 by the time Hogwarts Legacy releases.

PowerPyx also says that 100% completion looks to be required if you want to acquire that precious Platinum Trophy. 

In Hogwarts Legacy, you will have to not only complete the main campaign but also side-quests, reach the maximum XP level as well as all the extras in between. Furthermore, the Trophies/Achievements do not appear to be related to the game’s difficulty level.

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Four playthroughs might be required

One Trophy will require you to reach a combo counter of 100. Additionally, some Trophies will be unlocked for visiting a certain location as Gryffindor, Hufflepuff, Ravenclaw and Slytherin.

Whether you can change house in-game or if multiple playthroughs will be required, remains to be seen. So don’t rule out the possibility of at least four playthroughs to earn that Platinum.

However, you may have noticed that we’ve not shared the full Trophy list in the body of this article. This is due to the fact that the Trophy list does contain spoilers. If you’re not too concerned about spoilers, then you can find the link to the PowerPyx Trophy list at the bottom of this article.

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Credit: Avalanche Software

When is Hogwarts Legacy coming out?

The Hogwarts Legacy release date is currently, February 10th, 2022. It will be released for PC, PlayStation, Xbox as well as Nintendo Switch.

In case you missed it, the Hogwarts Legacy Collector’s Edition comes with a floating wand! Oh, and we were treated to a recent 40-minute gameplay showcase!

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Featured Image Credit: WB Games/Source: PowerPyx