Horizon Forbidden West Is Out Now And Available To Buy From £55.95

Continuing February’s packed month of high-end game releases, one of the most anticipated sequels for the PlayStation ecosystem has arrived. Out now on PS4 and PS5, Guerrilla Games’ Horizon Forbidden West is available to .

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What is Horizon Forbidden West?

Four years after the 2017 best-seller, Horizon Zero Dawn, it’s once again time to join Aloy, the heroine of the distant future, and rise above ruin. In Horizon Forbidden West, you’ll return to the post-apocalyptic ruled by monstrous animalistic machines. In the Forbidden West, however, the collection of machines, enemies, and map is even bigger and more perilous than before.

Travelling to the Forbidden West, you’ll be navigating a majestic but dangerous frontier of the Western US. With the mission to save humanity from extinction, you’ll also get to explore a breathtaking landscape of sunken cities, lost forests, and the forgotten secrets of the 21st century.

Meanwhile, you’ll still need to stay on top of your enemies through Horizon Forbidden West’s electrifying combat. Utilising weapons, gear, and traps you’ve crafted from gathered and salvaged parts, you’ll add real-time strategy and your wits to overcome the monsters you face. Both the future and humankind is in your hands.

Where Can I buy horizon Forbidden west?

Horizon Forbidden West is available to . Adding even more value, the buying Horizon Forbidden West on PS4 allows you access to the PS5 via a free upgrade. However, for those prefer physically owning the game on the current-gen platform, 5.

buy horizon forbidden west controlling machines
Credit: Guerrilla Games

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Featured Image: Guerrilla Games