I Got Way Too Emotional At This Game About A Painter

Akupara Games and Silver Lining Studio has released Behind the Frame: The Finest Scenery. It’s available on PC and mobile devices this week.

It’s a point-and-click adventure where you play as a painter who is currently working hard to produce her final submission to an art gallery. Stuck in her flat, the mystery of an old man who lives across the street distracts her from finishing the piece. Everything about this man, from his appearance to the art he creates, seems familiar to the woman. It’s up to her, and you, to unravel this mystery.

Of course, as is the standard for point-and-click adventures, Behind the Frame has you navigate the painter’s apartment interacting with many objects that help you progress the story. You can perform her daily morning routine, such as preparing breakfast, making coffee, and listening to music. Each day, she spies on the old man and learns more about his story.

Behind the Frame
Credit: Silver Lining Studio/Akupara Games

As she must finish the painting she’s submitting to the gallery, the painter must also search her apartment to find the lost paint colours that have been scattered around. This is the bulk of the puzzle gameplay. You must solve memory or code-based problems to find the colours that will allow you to finish the piece yourself. 


Unfortunately, I can’t say too much more about the story from here without delving into spoiler territory. But I had a fantastic time learning more about the protagonist and her neighbour as the game progressed. From the pre-release trailers, I dreaded thinking the game was going to be too twee that it became cheesy. Thankfully, it’s actually a story fuelled by emotion, melancholy, and intrigue.

As you can see from some of the screenshots too, the game has this wonderful art style and theme that reminds me of Studio Ghibli films. I have to admit, as a longtime Hayao Miyazaki fan, this was the big hook of the game for me. Not only is the visual appeal complementary towards its influences, but the story is handled with all the grace and care that Miyazaki himself writes.

Behind the Frame
Credit: Silver Lining Studio/Akupara Games

At about one hour long, Behind the Frame is a charming game that works in all the intricate details about the life of a freelance painter. It’s a covenant to the timeless world of art, and speaks truly to anyone who creates. 

You can check it out now on Steam or mobile app stores.

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Featured Image Credit: Silver Lining Studio / Akupara Games