If You Play Just One Game This Year, Make It Hades

It’s possible that the greatest game of the year has already landed – and there’s a good chance you missed it. Supergiant Games’ Hades released in September and it’s already skyrocketed to infamy thanks to its wonderful story, exciting gameplay and unbelievable user reviews.

Credit: Supergiant Games

If you haven’t heard of Hades, it’s a rogue-like dungeon crawler with just as much a focus on story as it has on gameplay. With its incredibly tight controls, wonderfully addictive gameplay and the tough-as-nails challenge it provides, it’s easy to see why Hades has won over so many fans.

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From the creators of Bastion, Transistor, and Pyre, Hades always had big boots to fill, but with a Metacritic score of 92 (for both PC and Nintendo Switch) it’s clear that Hades hasn’t just met expectations – it’s blown them out of the water.

Credit: Supergiant Games

According to Supergiant, Hades is in fact now the team’s highest-rated game of all time, boasting solid scores of nines and 10s across the board.

Hades has been dominating social media sites including Twitter for a while now, with thousands singing their praises for the newly-released game.

Though a top-down game with an emphasis on skill might not appeal to everyone, you’re doing yourself a disservice if you don’t immediately get to playing Hades. The game is winning over even newcomers to the genre – but why?

As one Hades fan tweeted: “I don’t normally play games like this… but the art, the style, the combat, the characters and their beautiful voices, the music, the story… I can’t get enough!”

They’re not the only one, as the dungeon crawler still has gamers swooning even a month after release. With some excellent options for difficulty levels, Hades is making the genre more accessible than ever, even for those who don’t normally opt for a rogue-like.

Credit: Supergiant Games

Honestly, do yourself a favour and go play Hades. Hades is available now on Nintendo Switch and PC. Pick it up on Steam here!

Featured Image Credit: Supergiant Games

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