Is James Gunn’s Secret Movie Project Actually Bloodborne?

Director James Gunn has been hitting the headlines a lot in the past couple of months thanks to Disney choosing to fire him from the next Guardians of the Galaxy movie. 

It seems he’s back in the headlines again right now – though this time for a much more positive reason. 

It’s believed that Gunn’s upcoming project – a mystery horror title due to release soon – could actually be an under-wraps Bloodborne movie, and the prospect’s gotten fans REALLY excited.

We already know that Sony is bringing out a new horror movie in November this year, going under the name of Untitled James Gunn Horror Movie (which we really hope is a working title…). 

It was expected to be unveiled at San Diego Comic Con earlier this year, but the Marvel/Disney vs. Gunn debacle meant the reveal was postponed. 

Back before the Guardians of the Galaxy thing, Gunn took to Twitter to post a clue to his upcoming project, and fans got to wondering whether or not it was a Bloodborne clue. 

The tweet – which is still on his official account – shows a rune that fans believe looks suspiciously like the Heir rune from the iconic FromSoftware game.

It would make sense, seeing as how Sony would theoretically be the one with the rights to Bloodborne, and we know Gunn’s mystery movie is in partnership with Sony…

However, the rune symbol also could have a couple of other meanings, as it looks like it could be a symbol straight out of the graphic novel, Nameless. 

Again, this has yet to be confirmed, leaving speculation open for the moment.

According to the movie’s IMDB page, the project has some pretty big names attached including Elizabeth Banks, David Denman and Matt Jones. 

Whatever Gunn’s project is, it’s due to release on 30th November 2018. 

What do you think, is this a Bloodborne movie or something a little less exciting?