Dr. Strange Could Make An Appearance In The PS4 Spider-Man

People are counting down the days until the release of Insomniac Games’ Spider-Man, which is due to release on the 7th September as a PlayStation exclusive.

We’ve been teased with show-stopping trailers and exceptional-looking gameplay for a while now, and with Sony celebrating the upcoming launch with everything from a special edition PlayStation 4 Pro to Spider-Man’s very own subway train in New York City, we couldn’t be more excited for the game’s launch.

One eagle-eyed Redditer by the name of Trick502 appears to have spotted something in a recent trailer for Spider-Man that has gotten fans pretty excited.

It appears that Doctor Strange’s house is shown very briefly in a section of the trailer that shows Spidey web-slinging his way through the city.

Doctor Strange’s house, better known as the Sanctum Sanctorum, is said to be located at 7A Bleecker Street in New York City’s Greenwich Village neighbourhood, though it’s not fully clear whether or not that’s the neighbourhood Spidey is shown in.

Whether it’s a nice reference to Marvel’s Doctor Strange from the folks at Insomniac Games (likely) or potentially hinting at some sort of crossover (DLC perhaps?) to come in the future is unknown.

The idea of a crossover is – of course – a very tempting prospect for Marvel fans.

YouTube video

I guess we’ll have to wait and see if it really is the Sanctum Sanctorum, or whether it’s something else.

If you can’t wait for the release of Spider-Man then his very own subway train should tide you over until September. The train was revealed earlier this week, and it’s fully designed after everyone’s favourite web-slinger.

Decked out in Spidey’s signature colours, the subway train features a massive Spider-Man on the outside, and has themed red seats decorated with the iconic spider symbol on the inside. 

According to pictures from Twitter user Mike Brady, you can even pick yourself up a copy of the Spider-Man newspaper, the Daily Bugle to make your commute a little less tedious. 

Will you be picking up Spider-Man when it releases?

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