It’s Official: The Resident Evil 2 Remake Has Outsold RE7 On Steam

Capcom’s Resident Evil 2 remake is one of the best horror games of the last few months, and it’s not just the critics who’ve been blown away by the stunning reimagining of the 1998 classic.

The title perfectly encapsulated the survival horror days of old, and it’s become one of the best-rated games in the whole of the Resident Evil franchise.

Credit: Capcom

So, just how popular is it? Well, the title has officially sold more copies on Steam than the most-recent “new” game in the series – Resident Evil 7.

This isn’t just good news for Capcom, but it could spell excellent news for fans of the franchise. Whether or not we’ll be getting a Resident Evil 3: Nemesis remake is said to be all down to the success of RE2, so it’s safe to say it’s a likely bet.

Credit: Capcom

Back in January, Resi 2 remake’s producer Yoshiaki Hirabayashi told Japanese website Game Watch [translated by Gear Nuke] that Capcom agreed to do the remake because it’s what the fans kept asking for.

One industry insider is already claiming an RE 3 remake is in production. ResetEra moderator Dusk Golem recently commented on a Resi thread claiming that the third game in the franchise is already in development, which is definitely exciting to hear.

On the thread, which you can read in full here, Golem writes: “I’m keeping my lips sealed on anything else so don’t ask, but REmake 3 is in full development right now…

Credit: Capcom
“I think beyond that they’re waiting to see how REmake 2 and REmake 3 perform, but REmake 2 almost assuredly is going to perform well.”
Just give us all the Resi remakes, Capcom!



Featured Image Credit: Capcom