The collab saw Bart Simpson transformed into an esports star.

The Simpsons And Riot Games Joined Forces For Esports Episode

League of Legends studio, Riot Games, lent a hand to The Simpsons with its recently-aired episode, cleverly titled ‘E My Sports.’

The episode followed Bart Simpson on his rise to esports fame with the help of his chums who formed the team “The Evergreen Terrors.”

Credit: 20th Century Fox

With Homer as his coach, Bart and his team lead the way in pro gaming for the fictional title, Conflict of Enemies.

Check out a snippet of the episode below.

Riot Games’ esports top dogs, Whalen Rozelle and Jarred Kennedy, along with LCS commentator David ‘Phreak’ Turley, consulted with the producers on the episode to make sure it was authentic as possible, chucking in lots of “gg”s, “noob”s and “ganking”s.

Credit: 20th Century Fox

Riot said its aim was to ensure “the experience depicted in the episode was authentic to the players, fans and coaches who compete professionally in League of Legends.” [via PCGamer].

Credit: 20th Century Fox

The episode, which aired over the weekend, received mixed reviews – something that’s becoming all too common now the show’s in its 30th season.

It’s not the first time that we’ve seen the world of gaming and cartoons cross over. PewDiePie made waves when he appeared in South Park, where he played the classic horror games that made him famous.

Did you watch ‘E My Shorts’ this past weekend?

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