Jar-Bairn In Elden Ring: Everything You Need To Know

Jar-Bairn in Elden Ring is one of the latest NPCs to be introduced into Elden Ring’s 1.03 update, and it’s a strange interaction at that. The thing is, Jar-Bairn is, well, a jar who lives in Jarburg. Absolute classic storytelling in Elden Ring right here folks.

Elden Ring FAQ: Every Guide You’ll Need

Credit: FromSoftware

Where to Find Jar-Bairn Elden Ring

Jar-Bairn is just one of the many living jars found in Elden Ring that contain the innards of humans past to bring them to life. Yeah, we love FromSoftware too. Please note, this guide is full of Spoilers for the new questline ‘Looking for a New Potentate’.

Players should first make their way to Jarburg, a village found in the Liurnia of the Lakes region. Heading northeast from the Gate Town Bridge Site of Grace is usually the best way to get there, however, players will need to scale down a cliff, using the ledges built into it to do so. Jar-Barin can be found on the steps of a house in Jarburg.

Credit: FromSoftware

Interacting with Jar-Bairn Elden Ring

As part of the ‘Looking for a New Potentate’ questline, Jar-Bairn will tell players about the village looking for a new Potentate. Players have the option of showing him their hands, only for him to confirm they aren’t smooth or silky enough. 

The next part of the quest requires players to pick flowers due to them growing constantly at the nearby Site of Grace mentioned earlier in this guide. As a side note, a village is a great place for farming flower materials used for crafting.

For players who have defeated Rykard, who is located at the Volcano Manor, Jar-Bairn will state that Diallos has moved in and has been chosen as Jarburgs new Potentate. Players will then need to go through all of the dialogue options with Jar-Bairn and Diallos to continue the questline.

Jar-Bairn Elden Ring
Credit: FromSoftware

A Smashing Job? Jar-Bairn Elden Ring

Once all dialogue has been exhausted as stated above, players should fast travel in and out of Jarburg to find all the jars smashed. Well, all but our faithful chap Jar-Bairn who breaks down what going on, he’ll now be sitting on the Village main path.

Next, go and find Diallos, go through the Dialogue with him and fast travel in and out of Jarburg. The warrior Jar-Bairn will now he found over the corpse of Diallos repeating the motto of House Haslow, imagine being killed by a literal jar?

Players will then need to go and best Alexander in Crumbling Farum Azulla because Jar-Bairn needs his innards to aid his quest in becoming a hardened warrior jar. Whilst we wouldn’t normally condone handing over some guts to a killer talking, find Jar-Bairn on the doorstep once again to hand over Alexander’s Innards.

Players will find Jar-Bairn will have left his station after fast travelling in and out of the village and has left behind a new Elden Ring Talisman called the ‘Companion Jar’. This Talisman raises the potency of throwing pots. 


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