Joker Is About To Become Highest-Grossing DC Movie Of All Time

Todd Phillip’s Joker is one of the greatest movies of the year and it’s now set to become the highest-grossing DC film ever released. The controversial and dark-toned flick has just surpassed $1 billion at the box office and it’s now hot on the heels of Aquaman.

The only four DC movies to make over $1 billion at the box office are now officially The Dark Knight, The Dark Knight Rises, Joker and Aquaman. Of these titles, Joker has surpassed them all aside from the reigning king, Aquaman.

Credit: Warner Bros.

The official numbers as per Box Office Mojo are as follows:

  • Joker is at $326,931,813 domestic, $708,800,000 overseas. Total: $1,035,731,813.
  • Aquaman is $335,061,807 domestic, $813,100,000 overseas. Total: $1,148,161,807.

With limited time left in cinemas for Joker, it’s hard to saw which horse is going to win this race.

Credit: Warner Bros.

Joaquin Phoenix’s portrayal of Arthur Fleck as the iconic character has raised some eyebrows despite how much of a moneymaker the movie has become.

Earlier this month it was believed that a sequel was already in the works for Joker, those these rumours were soon debunked. Although a sequel isn’t in the planning stages just yet (that we know of), it’s a safe bet to say that this isn’t a cash cow that anyone wants to let go of just yet.

Credit: Warner Bros.

Tipped to be a sure-fire hit at the 2020 Academy Awards, the movie portrays the downward spiral of Arthur Fleck, though its open ending is up for interpretation. While some believe that Fleck becomes a hero for the Batman villain we all know and love, others believe this is a true origin story for the Joker.

Hopefully we’ll get a sequel somewhere along the line so all this confusion can get cleared up!

Credit: Warner Bros.

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Featured Image Credit: Warner Bros.