Kick Butt And Grow Old In Sloclap’s New Kung-fu Caper Sifu

The creators of the upcoming Kungfu caper, Sifu, have updated the game’s release window from late 2021 to early 2022.

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Announced back in February, Sloclap’s next project, Sifu, is a kungfu movie fan’s dream game. From its artful brawler mechanics to its quirky age-linked progression, the game looks simultaneously stylish and challenging.

Now, thanks to this week’s State of Play event, we now know that the game will be released in early 2022. While this means those anticipating the game will have to wait a little longer, the announcement also came bundled with a brand new gameplay teaser trailer.

As demonstrated in the new trailer, Sifu’s passage of time doesn’t wait around for the player. Instead, Sifu’s protagonist will grow older with every defeat. However, while ageing is usually a sign of weakness, in Sifu, it’s a symbol of experience. Yet, despite this, players will also have to be mindful of the realities of mortality, as even the strongest fighters eventually become too old to fight.

Sifu Trailer
Credit: Sloclap

In a way, Sifu sounds like it’ll be similar to a roguelike. While the game will likely be a brawler at its core, players can grow stronger with every defeat, which definitely adds an interesting twist to the game. Again, if you’re a fan of old kung-fu movies, then it sounds like you’re going to have a blast with Sifu. I mean, being able to progress from student to sensei sounds pretty sweet!

Hopefully, Sifu won’t be delayed beyond its 2022 release date. While the ongoing pandemic has caused Sloclap some complications, it looks like the game has made steady progress.

Sifu press image
Credit: Sloclap

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Featured Image Credit: Sloclap