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Gamers Aren’t Happy With The New Nintendo Switch Model

Nintendo has finally announced a new version of its flagship handheld console, the Nintendo Switch. However, much to fan dismay, the new Switch isn’t exactly what the rumours suggested it would be. Here’s why fans aren’t happy with the Nintendo Switch (OLED model).

According to Nintendo of America’s recent announcement, the new Nintendo Switch (OLED model) will feature a brand new 7-inch OLED display and onboard speakers with enhanced audio. Yet, while the new Switch will razzle-dazzle Switch fans who prefer to play in handheld mode, the console’s docked performance leaves a lot to be desired.

Of course, most of the backlash over this new console is down to the fact that the hardware inside the new Switch hasn’t really changed. According to Nintendo’s detailed tech specs, the new Switch will use the same customer NVIDIA Tegra processor as the original model. Ultimately, this means that the OLED Switch will provide a similar experience in terms of performance.

So, what about the console’s fancy new OLED screen? Well, the new 7-inch panel should be a vast improvement of the original. Therefore, if you’re a fan of handhelds, you’ll probably appreciate the screens vivid new colours and true blacks. However, fans have also pointed out that Nintendo’s fancy new screen tech isn’t exactly new. In fact, Sony previously made use of “organic LED displays” in its PlayStation Vita console almost ten years ago.

Who knows, perhaps Nintendo has plans for a “Switch Pro” further down the line. While the new OLED Switch is still a worthwhile console, most fans will probably either opt for the cheaper model or hold on to their current console.

New Nintendo Switch OLED
Credit: Nintendo

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