Kickstarter To Learn How To Build RPG Games With Unity Smashes Goal By 600%

Gaming and Kickstarters go together like bread and butter, and we’ve seen a million and one top-quality games find their finances through crowdfunding websites in the past. 

Founder of teach-yourself-game-creation website Zenva, Pablo Farias Navarro, is now using the platform to raise funds for what he’s calling the: “world’s first on-demand curriculum to teach ANYONE how to code and build impressive 2D and 3D RPG games with Unity.” 

With a goal of just £2,816, the Kickstarter has already smashed its target, with backers pledging a whopping £12,000 to get the project off the ground. 

Zenva, which offers online game-building courses, is planning to teach the coding of RPGs with the ability to “watch video lessons,” “access premium support,” “learn RPG mechanics” and “create 2D and 3D games.” 

Confirming the curriculum of what’s being called RPG Academy, Pablo says: “If you’ve never coded before your journey will begin with a module that introduces Unity and the C# programming language by teaching you how to build  a simple action RPG. 

“Once you have a solid foundation of Unity and C#, we’ll present you with an assortment of modules covering different RPG mechanics such as battles, map exploration, non-player characters (NPCs) and crafting systems.” 

The project’s estimated delivery is November this year, and despite beating the target, there are still rewards available if you’re interested in backing it yourself. 

You can find out all the details here, and there’s almost a whole month left until the campaign ends. 

Shenmue III absolutely broke the internet back in 2015 when PlayStation literally made the audience cry by announcing plans for the game. 

Servers went down as fans flocked to pledge their donation, and the target of $2 million was shredded, with nearly 70,000 people donating over $6 million.  

Sounds like you could be a fully-fledged RPG creator before we see Shemue III’s release though, as the game’s been delayed by another year.