KISS Singer Reacts To New Pokémon ‘Inspired’ By Band

A new slew of generation eight Pokémon were unveiled recently in celebration of the upcoming Nintendo Switch titles, Pokémon Sword and Shield.

Along with the expected weird, wacky and wonderful new pocket monsters came one that looked a surprising amount like KISS frontman, Gene Simmons, and the internet had a lot of thoughts.

Credit: Nintendo

Twitter couldn’t get enough of the new Pokémon, named Obstagoon, with one user branding Sword and Shield the “most rock n’ roll Pokémon game[s] ever.”

The comparisons come from Obstagoon’s black and white markings, complete with star shapes and a sticking-out tongue, which is essentially the signature look of the iconic rock band, KISS.

Now the man himself, Gene Simmons, has weighed in on the apparent homage, and he’s seriously made up with the comparisons.

Credit: Nintendo

Speaking to Newsweek, Simmons said: “Pokémon has been a part of our household for decades, ever since our kids first discovered them,

“And to see Pokemon pay homage to KISS, is flattering.”


The official Pokédex entry for Obstagoon reads as follows: “The process of adapting to Galar’s unique environmental characteristics has led some Pokémon to develop new evolutionary stages, never seen in other regions. An example of this phenomenon is Obstagoon, the evolution of Galar’s Linoone…

“Although Obstagoon is incredibly combative, very often he is not the first to start the attack. On the contrary, he prefers to taunt his opponent, urging him to take the first step. When that happens, Obstagoon folds his arms and collects the attack using his Barrage move.”

Credit: Nintendo

Obstagoon is of the Dark/Normal type, with skills including Recklessness / Guts. It’s the final evolution of Zigzagoon, who next transforms into Linoone.

Pokémon Sword and Shield release in November this year.

Featured Image Credit: Nintendo/The Pokémon Company