Kojima's cyberpunk fantasy?

Kojima Celebrates 58th Birthday, Hints At Plans To Become A Cyborg

Whether you enjoy his games or not, Hideo Kojima’s legacy is undeniable. As a young developer, Kojima reinvented genre’s and rejuvenated already established ideas. As a modern-day director, the Japanese industry icon has continued to push the boundaries of video games and the concepts that confine them.

This week, Hideo Kojima is celebrating his 58th birthday. To mark the occasion, the director posted a tweet that’s both inspiring and slightly existential:

“Turned 58 years old today, and although my body is failing me, my creativity is not waning yet. Until my brain loses its creative power, I’ll continue to strive to create things. That’s my instinct, and that’s what I love to do. Thank you.

Now, it’s worth noting that this tweet probably wasn’t meant to be taken literally. At least, we hope that this isn’t a sign that the Death Stranding creator’s health is compromised. Personally, I’m getting a slightly different vibe from the post. In fact, knowing Kojima, it sounds like he’s saying that his mind will outlast his body. In other words, the video game icon could be referencing the fact that, if possible, he’d become a cyborg. Y’know, just like Raiden.


Alright, I’ll admit it, suggesting that Kojima plans on becoming a cyborg is ludicrous. But, perhaps putting a fun, sci-fi spin on the game maker’s take on the realities of ageing is better than, well, acknowledging reality. While I’m resorting to weird dystopian sci-fi nonsense to distract me from the morbid facts of mortality, Kojima was able to do so by enjoying a rather delicious-looking birthday cake.

Anyway, this whole article is essentially a long-winded way of saying Happy Birthday, Kojima. May you continue to influence and inspire in the weirdest, most wonderful way possible.

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Featured Image Credit: Hideo Kojima