Kratos Can’t Chop Down Trees And That Makes Gamers Mad For Some Reason

A Twitter user got very mad that Kratos can’t chop down trees in God of War. Really.

AP posted a short video of him attempting to get Kratos to chop down trees with an axe, captioned with a complaint about games not prioritising interactive gameplay:

YouTube personality Hbomberguy (who has been very pro the latest God of War game in his videos) replied, saying:

God of War has been praised for its excellent storytelling and pathos, but perhaps that’s all rendered moot if you can’t chop stuff. If AP is looking for a game that might suit them better, may I suggest Animal Crossing: New Horizons? That game involves heaps of tree-chopping. 

Credit: Nintendo

It seems like this interactive game elements is very important to AP – they’ve posted about it numerous times, including this hella specific meme:

I guess this speaks to a bigger question about the purpose of videogames. Personally I like a game that tells a great story or provides a world to escape into. I also enjoy games that are good dumb fun (like Wii Sports). AP seems to value games that build incredibly accurate and interactive worlds to exist in. The whole thing reminds me of that train episode of Brooklyn 99 – as Captain Holt puts it: “People like to see the world around them exactly as it is, but smaller.” But do they?

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Featured Image Credit: Sony/Santa Monica Studio