KSI Says PewDiePie ‘Ruined A Lot Of People’s Lives On YouTube’ 

YouTube celebrity KSI may be busy prepping and promoting his upcoming boxing match against fellow YouTuber Logan Paul later this month, but that hasn’t stopped him lashing out at YT’s OG star – PewDiePie. 

PDP recently uploaded a video for his 65 million subscribers where he branded KSI and Logan Paul as “scumbags” for their treatment of women and focus on money. 

Pewds said: “Logan Paul plays the moral high ground, and I guess against KSI, that’s not really hard to do. But for Logan Paul to do this, it’s interesting, very interesting.  

“And a lot of people bought it, and he does it really well because he has a strong argument …  

“Now KSI, he is a scumbag. You’re both scumbags.  

“KSI has made the same [sexist] comments about my future wife, Marzia, and I never respond to it because it’s just cringey. … It’s such a low comment. 

“…There are so many videos where Logan is equally as bad as KSI in my opinion … These guys are purely driven by money.” 

Speaking exclusively to Metro, KSI dismissed the comments from Pewds, but seemingly couldn’t help but throw a little shade his way in regards to one of Pewd’s many past controversies. 

When asked about his opinion, KSI laughed and stated: “[PewDiePie] has no grounds to talk at all. He is the person that ruined a lot of people’s lives on YouTube with his comments and his whole anti-semitism….oh I can’t even say the word… 

“It’s his opinion, I don’t really care.” 

KSI is – of course – referring to one of PewDiePie’s most controversial jokes, which saw him being accused of being a Nazi sympathiser.

It’s a shame PDP is so against the upcoming fight between KSI and Paul – we’d pay good money to see Felix thrown into the arena! 

PewDiePie has had the biggest YouTube channel in the world for a few years now, and whether you love or hate his expensive chairs, meme reviews and lack of Let’s Plays, he’s undeniably changed the way YouTube works. 

Even though he’s already smashed pretty much every YouTube record ever, it looks like Pewds isn’t showing any signs of slowing down. 

YouTube video

His channel has just reached 65 million subscribers, which means he now officially has a following equal to the population of the world’s 22nd biggest country. 

That’s a helluva lot of bros… 

As for KSI, he’ll be taking on Logan Paul on 25th August 2018.