World Of Warcraft’s Newest Expansion Has Its Level Cap Hit On Day One 

World of Warcraft fans had been eagerly awaiting the arrival of its Battle for Azeroth expansion release so that they could get stuck right in, but one player has already hit the expansion’s level cap in just a matter of hours…

It reportedly took WoW fan Gingi just over four hours to reach Azeroth’s level cap, which had increased from the previous cap of 110 to a new high of 120. 

The 120 mark was reached by Gingi – playing as Luigini, a troll druid – in a mere four hours and 17 minutes, but it wasn’t an easy feat if you’re interested in taking up the challenge yourself.

Gingi is a hardcore WoW player and a part of the game’s Method guild, meaning he’s had a tonne of practise to get this good this fast, and he didn’t complete the task without a little help from some WoW friends.

He managed to hit the new cap by getting through quests as fast as he possibly could and relied on help from two other Method players who are known as Meeres and Deepshades. 

Azeroth’s recent beta test apparently gave the gang a heads up on where to start with their speedy quests and allowed for them to map and plan out the best way to hit the cap, but the rest was all down to their skill and commitment. 

After completing the goal, Gingi took to Twitter to share his victory, saying: “thanks to the bois @MeeresWoW and @Methodshades for helping. Couldn’t have done it without them gg bois.” 

What a gentleman.

YouTube video

You can watch the achievement in the video below, and let us know what you think of Gingi and his pals’ brave and successful attempt to tackle Battle for Azeroth. 

It seems Blizzard is going to need to come up with something a little more challenging in the future!

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