KSI Vs. Logan Paul Viewers Are Calling Out For Refunds 

Over the weekend it seemed like the whole world was watching the KSI Vs. Logan Paul fight, mostly in the hopes of seeing one of the most controversial YouTubers ever get thrashed in the boxing ring.

Taking place in Manchester, UK, the fight was streamed online for a cost of £7.50 via YouTube, and over 800,000 people paid to watch the fight unfold. 

However, people weren’t best pleased when the big battle ended in a draw – leading to a rematch which will take place in America in the coming months. 

Now, to be clear, there was ALWAYS a second fight on the cards, but that hasn’t stopped people claiming the fight was ‘fixed’ and demanding their money back. 

Angry viewers of the stream took to Twitter to complain not only about the result of the match, but also of lagging streams that were unwatchable at times. 

One user tweeted: “Well, the KSI vs Logan Paul stream has been live for about an hour and a half and for those who purchased the fight via the website, we have seen none of the action thus far, and are unlikely to see anything for the remainder of the evening.  

“I, and many others, expect a refund.” 

Of course, Logan and KSI’s fans aren’t taking the requests lightly. Someone hit back with: “Hey, to all those who think it was a fixed match or refund and all,see that’s not how things work those who watched the fight they know that it was not fixed. 

“Logan i love you,I believed in you and as always you didn’t let me down and huge respect to Jake,deji,ksi.” 

The stream wasn’t just laggy for those who purchased the fight – it was also a problem for those who illegally tried to watch the stream. 

It’s estimated that the fight was illegally watched by around one million people, with websites like Twitch working to remove the streams as they popped up. 

Did you watch the fight and do you think a refund is due?