Meet The Last of Us Part 2’s Bad Guys – More Terrifying Than The Clickers

Whether it’s The Walking Dead, Westworld or pretty much any other post-apocalyptic movie or video game, while the world may be littered with monstrous mutations, in most cases, it’s us humans that are the real monsters and the world of The Last of Us, is no exception.
In the original The Last of Us, the monstrous mutations came in various forms of creatures known as Clickers, but while these brain-dead creatures had no controllable conscious, uninfected human’s that chose to do bad things, did have a choice, no matter how desperate their circumstances are. Which often begs the question, “who are the real monsters in the story?”

Many humans in The Last of Us were bastards, but now that some years have passed since the first game, it’s given humans more time to get organised and thrive in this world, whether they have good intentions or bad, and it seems that there are group of fanatics in The Last of Us Part 2 which have bad intentions indeed, for what they believe are for holy reasons. Arguably the most evil people believe that their cause is the righteous path and those that oppose them are the ones committing sin.

During E3 2018, Gamesradar got an opportunity to sit down and speak to The Last of Us Part 2’s co-game directors Kurt Margenau and Anthony Newman, and they shed some light on the fanatics that we saw in the gameplay demo at this year’s E3 event. However, we actually got our first glimpse of the fanatical group known as the Seraphites during the gameplay reveal from Paris Games Week last year.

The Seraphites are followers of the angels from the most elite ranks of Heaven in the Abrahamic faith, also known as the Seraphim. Not only are the Seraphites a cruel and fanatical faith group that believe they are doing good, but they also communicate with their own eerie “lingo” and whistles, so that outsiders do not know what they are communicating. They also refer to Ellie as the “wolf”, but while Kurt Margenau didn’t elaborate as to why they call Ellie by that name, he did state that the “depth and meaning will be revealed later.”

However, Anthony Newman did give as an added insight as to who the Seraphites are by saying “Basically this world is incredibly harsh, and different groups of people banded together and figured out how to survive in different ways,” said Newman. “So the people in Jackson [the new home of Joel and Ellie] have learned to survive in kind of a cooperative, wholesome way. The Seraphites are a more fanatical group, and they center their lives on faith and spirituality in a way that has become kind of fanatical and hostile and aggressive to outsiders.”
“They’re super deadly, and the way that they communicate with each other with the whistles, they’re able to coordinate with each other without revealing to the player exactly what they’re doing. So you can pay attention, but you’re only kind of getting partial information about their plans. It makes them a lot creepier to deal with.”

Judging by all of what was said during this interview, it seems that The Last of Us Part 2 might even be more intense than the original game, and to think, we’ve not actually seen any of the Clickers as of yet, which are said to have some new forms!

Are you looking forward to the sequel and who do you think are the worst monsters? Humans or mutations? Let us know across our social media channels. The Last of Us Part 2 is expected to release sometime next year for PlayStation 4.