Lead Bethesda developer Ferret Baudoin has died

Bethesda senior designer Ferret Baudoin has suddenly passed away as announced by a touching tribute on Facebook.

On October 15, 2022, legendary game designer Ferret Baudoin passed. He is surrounded by his family and friends, he loved real life as much as games. He was a devoted husband, father, brother, and son,” read a tribute page dedicated to the developer.

Credit: Bethesda

Baudoin worked on great Bethesda franchises and beyond

According to the LinkedIn page of Ferret Baudoin, he was the senior designer of the upcoming Starfield for Bethesda. However, Baudoin was also a writer on classic RPGs such as Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic 2, Dragon Age as well as Fallout 4, and more.

Naturally, friends of the gaming community paid tribute to Ferret Baudoin following his passing.

We’d text about any and all RPGs we were playing. He’s the only person I know that plays more of them than Dezinuh and I,” tweeted Jeff Gardiner, ex-Project Lead at Bethesda.

What I’ll miss most is a human being so filled with love for his family, his colleagues, and his craft that he constantly reminded me what the point of all this actually is – to be happy, to make each other happy, and to never forget how wonderful life really is,” said Emil Pagliarulo (aka Dezinuh), Design Director at Bethesda.

Players in Fallout 76 pay tribute to Baudoin

Furthermore, Fallout 76 players have also been paying tribute in-game by leaving Ferret Baudoin thankful and loving messages.

It’s always a sad time when someone passes away, especially when it’s someone that has brought so much joy to our gaming community and beyond.

We at GameByte send all our love and support to the family as well as the friends of Ferret Baudoin. Finally, thank you for making amazing games.

Featured Image Credit: Ferret Baudoin (LinkedIn)/Source: PC Gamer