Lead Forza Horizon developers leave to form new AAA studio

Lead Forza Horizon developers of Playground Games have left to form a new AAA studio called Maverick Games.

As reported by GamesIndustry.biz, a group of former Forza Horizon developers have left the Microsoft-owned studio and are already working on an announced game.

The Former Forza horizon devs are already working hard at the new studio

Maverick Games is led by former Playground Games and Forza Horizon creative director, Milke Brown. While we don’t know exactly what the studio’s first game will be, it has been teased to be a “premium open-world game for consoles and PC.

Elsewhere on the Maverick Games team, Brown is joined by Tom Butcher, who was a lead producer at Playground but will now be Maverick’s executive producer. Former technical director Matt Craven will now serve as the chief technical director.

Forza Horizon 5
Credit: Microsoft/Playground Games

Furthermore, Gareth Harwood, a former technical director at Playground is Maverick’s new content director. Finally, two former art directors at Playground Games, Fraser Strachan and Ben Penrose will reprise the same roles at Maverick.

The former Forza Horizon developers will also be joined by Elly Marshall, who is a former design director at EA. Marshall will serve as the UX/DI Director. What’s more, Harinder Sangha, an award-winning studio leader who helped form SEGA Hardlight and Sumo Leamintion will be the COO.

Maverick is Playground Games’ new neighbour

The Maverick Games studio will be located in Leamington Spa in the UK. This means that the studio will be the new neighbour of Playground Games. So at least the employees won’t have far to relocate.

maverick games
Credit: Maverick Games

Moreover, in a press release from Maverick Games, creative director, Mike Brown said: “Our goal is for Maverick Games to be a studio people will love”.

He continued: “For players, we’re already at work on an exciting ultra-high-quality title, and for developers, we’re building a home where everyone is encouraged to take risks, be curious, be creative, be innovative, be themselves, and above all – be a Maverick.

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Featured Image Credit: Playground Games/Source: GamesIndustry.biz