90% of video game sales in 2022 were digital

Apparently, 90% of video game sales in 2022 were digital. So, where does this leave the future of physical media?

In recent years, purchases of digital media have been on the rise. Whether it’s video games, movies, TV series or music. Customers in their droves have been taking advantage of instant purchases and instant access to that particular form of media.

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Are digital sales taking over video games?

According to a report from the BBC, roughly nine out of ten video game purchases were digital. To be exact, the Entertainment Retail Association (ERA) claims that 89.5% of video game purchases were digital downloads, while the remainder 10.5% were physical.

While 90% is a huge chunk of video game purchases, that number isn’t quite as drastic as it may appear. A reason why that might be the case is mobile gaming. Year-on-year, as mobile phones become more advanced, so do its video game offerings.

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Are the numbers a little misleading?

Whether it’s free–to–play titles such as Pokemon Go, Fortnite and Call of Duty or paid games such as Minecraft, Football Manager and Stardew Valley, mobile gaming is massive.

That being said, in the same report from the BBC it is stated that around 30% of sales came from mobile gaming. So, while it might be easy to assume that 90% number comes from PC, PlayStation, Xbox and Nintendo Switch, mobile gaming takes a huge chunk of that percentage.

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Physical or digital gaming?

As will continue to push forward in the digital age, physical media will perhaps become a thing of the past. Which pains me to say. Don’t get me wrong, I’m a fan of digital gaming and I can appreciate the benefits. 

For starters, as a disabled gamer, the ease of digital gaming is certainly a benefit. Not to mention that I can easily share digital games with my son across accounts.

However, I’ll always prefer to own physical media. Because no matter what, you own that item. At any given time providers of digital media can fold, which could result in a loss of all your purchases. At least if you physically own a form of media, whether it’s video games or movies, you will always have that item in your possession.

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What’s more, just take Google Stadia for example. Google made a big song and dance about this digital platform, but after a few short years, the platform was dead. 

In the unlikely event that Sony, Microsoft or Nintendo will cease to exist, we’ll always own that physical copy of Uncharted, Halo and The Legend of Zelda.

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