‘Leak’ Says Next PS+ Game Will Be One Of The Most Controversial Ever

A PlayStation gamer has taken to the internet with some pretty bold claims, but it looks like there might be more to the story than first appears…

Publication Glitched Africa [via ComicBook] is claiming to have received intel from a gamer who saw two games mistakenly labelled with the free PlayStation Plus tag, leading to the belief that they’re the next PS Plus games for subscribers.

Credit: Pixabay

Glitched Africa says that they were sent photo evidence of the error, but didn’t publish the images.

The games in question are where it gets a little surprising (and unsettling).

First up is – apparently – EA Sports UFC 3, which is a solid game if you’re into that sort of thing.

Credit: EA

Controversially, Star Wars Battlefront II is the second game supposedly spied on the PlayStation Store, and we all know just how successful that game was.

Battlefront II is often credited as being one of the biggest cash-grab games of all time, launching to huge criticism of its loot box mechanics and microtransactions.

When you hear people complaining about EA, you’re probably going to hear Battlefront II come up…

Credi: EA

However, GameByte found evidence of something much bigger that could be happening behind the scenes – as other users are reportedly seeing the same PS+ logo on other EA games in the PS Store.

Over on Twitter, one user asked PlayStation about the issue, asking: “is @electronicarts game pass being combined with ps plus?..”


PlayStation responded saying it was being looked into, adding: “This is not something we are able to speculate over until this investigation is complete. I do apologise but we need to have this looked at first before letting you know what we are doing moving forward. ^DK”

With multiple users reportedly seeing the “Free” logo on different EA titles, we can only imagine EA’s Game Pass and PlayStation Plus might be merging…

Detroit: Become Human and Horizon Chase Turbo will be available to download for free for PS+ subscribers until August 5.

Featured Image Credit: Sony