Leak Says That Apex Legends Is Going To Be Getting Solos And Duos

Apex Legends is the It-Game right now, with literally millions of players taking to the servers to duke it out in the free-to-play battle royale.

The game has been highly praised by both players and critics, with over ten million downloads in the first 72 hours of launch.

It looks like things are only set to get bigger and better for Apex Legends though, or at least they are if leaks are to be believed…

Credit: Respawn Entertainment

Currently the game offers three player squad-based matches, but it sounds like solos and duos could be coming soon [via Unilad].

Dataminers have been hard at work sifting through the game’s files, and one dataminer discovered files which reference “SOLO MODE” and “2-man Squad” mode. I mean…it only really means one thing, doesn’t it?

Respawn Entertainment has yet to confirm or deny the supposed leak, but it has been pretty transparent about its future plans for the game.

The company recently released an FAQ which outlines where the game is going, and some of it sounds remarkably similar to Epic Games’ Fortnite business model, including seasons, battle pass and more.
Credit: Respawn Entertainment

“The Battle Pass is a seasonal system that rewards players with exclusive cosmetic items,” says Respawn. “These rewards are a mix of exclusive seasonal cosmetics and Apex Packs. Every player can unlock some of these items each season through normal play; those who choose to purchase the Battle Pass can earn everything available that season, around 100 different rewards.”

The FAQ then goes on to confirm that “everything you earn with the Battle Pass is yours to keep, even after the Season is over.”

Each season will last for around three months, and no, Legends will not be included in the Battle Pass. Respawn says “the Battle Pass gives players exclusive cosmetic items and Apex Packs.”

Credit: Respawn Entertainment

Are you enjoying the game so far?


Featured Image Credit: Respawn Entertainment