WATCH: One-Armed Apex Legends Streamer Wins Match For His Team

Seriously impressive stuff!

Credit: Respawn Entertainment

A Twitch streamer by the name of ToeYouUp has wowed his viewers with his incredible win at free-to-play game Apex Legends.

It’s a particularly impressive battle royale victory, as ToeYouUp plays – and wins – despite only have one arm. The Marine Corps veteran uses his foot in place of one of his hands, and he’s not only a great player, but an inspirational one too!

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Credit: Respawn Entertainment

On his Twitch page he writes: “Veteran Marine. That lost his arm at the age of 24, to a motorcycle accident. Has adapted and overcome the challenges of playing, by using his foot, in place of his hand. Has recently started streaming, playing mainly FPS. If there is anything else you’d like to know, drop a line in the chat! (I do NOT mind talking about my amputation!!)”

Check out a snippet, entitled “The 1st Win…” below.

The gaming industry has made huge steps forward when it comes to providing more ways for everyone to play, regardless of any extra needs they might have.


Credit: Microsoft

Last year, Microsoft was praised for releasing its accessible controller, which makes gaming easier for disabled gamers. The controller was also shown off recently during the 2019 Super Bowl, in a heartwarming commercial that demonstrated just how important such a step really is.

If you missed it at the time, check it out below!

Follow ToeYouUp on Twitter right here, or drop into one of his streams on Twitch.

Featured Image Credit: Respawn Entertainment/EA.

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