Anthem Player Claims Refund On Grounds Of ‘False Advertisement And Fraud’

EA and BioWare’s Anthem didn’t exactly have the greatest launch of all time when it released earlier this year. The highly-anticipated online multiplayer came with a bunch of bugs, a lot of server issues and a tonne of p*ssed off players.

At the time of release, it was reported that lots of people tried to get their copies of the game refunded, without much joy.

Credit: BioWare/EA

However, new claims have arisen that suggest Amazon has refunded an Anthem player on the grounds of “false advertisement and fraud,” – at least according to the player.

Writing on Anthem‘s subreddit, a user by the name of lastKryptonian1991 shared their story of the refund – including a supposed transcript from their conversation with Amazon.

“I don’t see why I am not entitled to get my money back on a product that was wrongly advertised. Because that’s what happen, and I think what people need to realise is that this is no small matter, what Bioware and ultimately EA did is illegal,” writes the player.

“They advertised the product with an attached roadmap and now that ‘promise’ has been broken. You can make any argument about the state of the game, but you CAN’T deny this specific point.

Credit: BioWare/EA

“So I was quite ready to fight for my money, but was pleasantly surprised with the Amazon customer service, because they clearly knew what’s up.

“I got a FULL refund just yesterday Apr 30th and I am shipping the game back today. That’s right. And I urge people that are not happy with the game to refund it no matter how long you played it, because what these companies have done is, without a doubt, fraud.”

The post was later updated to include the supposed transcript of the conversation with the Amazon employee.

Credit: BioWare/EA

The transcript says that not only did the player get their money back, but that they also got it in advance of them sending the game back.

Earlier in the year, many outlets were refusing the return of Anthem. Maybe it’s worth trying again?

Featured Image Credit: EA/BioWare