Leon’s Resident Evil 2 Lightning Hawk Gun Gets An IRL Airsoft Version

The Resident Evil 2 remake has you parade around the Raccoon City Police department with some seriously cool weapons, and none’s more cool than Leon Kennedy’s Lightning Hawk. If you love nothing more than the Lightning Hawk and its Long Barrel add-on then you’re in luck, because you’ll soon be able to get your own airsoft version.

The Lightning Hawk gets a really nifty custom part with the Long Barrel, which the game’s inventory describes as: “A custom part for the Lightning Hawk, this bull barrel reduces recoil and imparts extra speed to bullets, increasing damage.”

Credit: Capcom

The insanely dangerous-looking weapon has been given the airsoft treatment by Japanese airsoft gun Marui [via Kotaku] and it’ll be available to buy next month. Unfortunately, the 10-inch barrel add-on for a version of the gun will only on sale in Japan, and it’s going to be limited edition.

Credit: Capcom

The official Japanese Twitter account for Resident Evil tweeted [translated]: “[fully limited edition] real Prop Series Vol. 17 Leon. Hand gun used by S. Kennedy [Lightning Hawk Lightning Hawk] will be released! A 6in barrel is included in the Lightning Hawk 10in body, and can be recombinant of 6in and 10in according to taste!”

Marui has created a range of airsoft guns based on Capcom franchises in the past, including other Resident Evil guns and Devil May Cry weapons.

Credit: Capcom

No price has yet been announced for the airsoft add-on, but it’s safe to say it’s not going to be a cheap buy…

Featured Image Credit: Capcom.