Level up your rig!

Level Up Your Gameplay With The Perfect Gaming Set-Up

Plenty of us will have found ourselves working from home for the foreseeable future, and – let’s face it – this extra time at home to us has one benefit: gaming.  Spend a few weeks inside and there’s a good chance that your gaming rig needs upgrading. 

Image: JNorthstar via PCPartPicker

While we can only dream of owning a set-up as glorious as, say, this one from JNorthstar via PCPartPicker (above), or the jaw-dropping work from BrettW2Ts pictured below, we definitely can help you to get your perfect gaming rig up and running in no time.

Image: BrettW2Ts/PCPartPicker

We’ve hand-picked some of the must-have items to help you get the most from your gaming sessions:

The Gaming Chair 

Image: iProgramming Gaming Chair

You could argue your chair is the most important part of your set-up, and if you’ve been using your dining chair then it’s about time you level up your comfort. 

Enter the iProgramming Gaming Chair. Available from the GameByte store, this chair offers superior comfort without the bank-breaking price tag. The iPrograming Gaming Chair comes complete with a supportive neck pillow and a lumbar cushion – an ergonomic cushion made from memory foam which supports the back – a winner for those long gameplay sessions. 

Priced at only £99.99, the chair is a sleek investment for your rig that’s both stylish and affordable.

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Image: electriQ

A good monitor can make a huge difference to your set-up and sometimes it’s all you need to get the most out of your gaming experience. Whether you’re looking for the most immersive and realistic way to play, or if you just need to save your eyes from spreadsheets, a 4K monitor is just about the best investment right now. We love the electriQ 24″ 4K UHD 60Hz FreeSync HDR Gaming Monitor, which offers pin-sharp quality, life-like realism and reduced blue light emissions. 

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Image: Logitech G602 Wireless Gaming Mouse

Whether for work or play, a decent mouse is a must-have. Setting a new benchmark for quality, the Logitech G602 Wireless Gaming Mouse will level up your experience – and skill – with incredible speed and precision. With over 250 hours of gameplay in one single battery life (almost eight times that of other wireless gaming mice) and a naturally-shaped grip design, this mouse offers maximum quality and comfort over those long hours of use. 

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Image: Razer Cynosa Chroma

Another key ingredient to the ideal gaming and work set-up is your keyboard. The Razer Cynosa Chroma USB RGB Gaming Keyboard isn’t just a thing of beauty – it’s also one of the best on the market. Robust enough for your office duties and with key gaming features to transform your gameplay (including rebind buttons, assigned macros and personalised device lighting) this one is a sure-fire hit. 

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Image: Turtle Beach Stealth 600XB1

Whatever you’re playing, communication is everything if you want to snag the win for your team. Serious gamers need crystal-clear sound, a high-quality microphone and – let’s face it – something a little stylish for your on-camera streams. Enter the Turtle Beach Stealth 600XB1 Gaming Headset. Delivering all this and maximum comfort, this wireless headset is a must-have for your gaming rig. 

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Complete Level Up 

If your current set-up just isn’t cutting it anymore and you need a total overhaul then we’ve scouted some of the best equipment out there for a full-on level up. With affordable prices and great delivery options on monitors, laptops, PCs and all the accessories you could ever want, check out LaptopsDirect’s Gaming Hub. 

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Be playful 

Add some playful elements to your isolation station and upgrade your off-screen enjoyment with these great additions to your gaming desk.

Image: TruffleShuffle

Keep your cool during those intense gaming sessions (and those eye-wateringly boring conference calls) with a much-needed desk companion: the officially licensed PlayStation stress ball. Functional and decorative, this stress-reliever will definitely help to lighten the load.

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Image: TruffleShuffle

Keep your desk clean and neat with these NES Cartridge Coasters. Featuring some of the NES’s most iconic games, including the likes of Metroid, Donkey Kong and The Legend of Zelda, these coasters are the perfect retro addition to your modern set-up.

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Image: TruffleShuffle

Everyone’s a winner with the PlayStation Trophy glass, which makes sure the extra days at home are winning days. 

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Image: TruffleShuffle

If all the days are blending into one (and if you’re gaming well into the night) be sure to rely on this Nintendo Alarm Clock to keep track of the time. Not only is this replica a full-on nostalgia trip, but it even features actual Super Mario Lands sounds! 

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Image: Lumaland

AND after all that, why not upgrade your lounging set-up with a beanbag that may just be bigger than you. These XXL beanbags are the perfect companion, and with a special ergonomic design that literally moulds to the shape of your body, look no further than sinking into these after another long day at the (home) office. 

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