Life By You Has Been Delayed Until March 2024, Confirms Developers

The upcoming open-world life simulation game Life By You has been delayed until 2024 according to developers. Here’s everything we know.

Life By You is an upcoming life sim that is set to give The Sims itself a run for its money. Developed by Paradox Interactive, the game will include “real language conversations”, endless levels of customisation and more.

Now it seems though the game, despite originally having a September early access release date, will now be pushed back to March 5, 2024.

Life By You Has Been Delayed Until 2024

This news was recently confirmed by Paradox who believe not rushing the ambitious project would make it a “more well-rounded experience for players.” With the game set to be direct, and much-needed competition for The Sims, making players wait a bit longer is a risk the team is willing to make.

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“The additional time gives the development studio, Paradox Tectonic, the ability to improve the game’s visuals and UI,” Paradox said. “These improvements will not only affect the overall look and feel of the game but will make it a more well-rounded experience for players.

“Paradox Tectonic will also be fine tuning mod tools that will be available for all players to explore and create. The player-community is at the core of Life by You, and their feedback is the core to many of the positive changes coming to Life by You’s Early Access.”

Updated Visuals

This news is also good to hear as Life By You has previously been slated for its UI. As it stands, the game currently lacks on the visual front. 

However Rod Humble, the general manager at Paradox and the man in charge of development says players can expect a first look at the updated interface later this week. This will come alongside a blog post discussing all the upcoming changes.

For those who have already pre-ordered the game on the Epic Games Store with the hopes of playing in September, you will automatically be refunded. If you still wish to pre-order, you can do so for the new March 2024 release.

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