Life By You gives The Sims a run for its money

Life By You is an upcoming life-simulation game that saw its first teaser trailer released this week.

From the brains behind Paradox Interactive and Paradox Tectonic, Life By You is an upcoming Sims-style game. The project is led by Rod Humble who has had experience in other successful live-simulation games such as Second Life and The Sims itself. 

The teaser trailer for Life By You was shown at Paradox’s 30-minute presentation that aired on March 6. Although the trailer was brief, it has been revealed that the Life By You Announcement Event will air on March 20. You can catch that on their Youtube channel at 9am PT / 12pm ET.

YouTube video

Life By You Teaser Trailer

However, the teaser trailer does give us some snippets of game play. It opens on a hilltop scene where we see a woman doing some yoga overlooking the town. We then see a sneak peek of driving gameplay (which The Sims 4 is currently lacking) or perhaps this is merely a cutscene. 

The scene switches to a very Sims-like scene. A household of people, including two characters smooching, and others taking part in daily tasks. 

We also get to see some build mode featuring a two-storey house. Although the UI is different from The Sims, it still looks like the same customisations. There are icons for roofs, stairs, walls etc. 

The final scene is of a beach scene – perhaps hinting at the ability to travel to other locations on the map. We see people sunbathing as the camera pans across the ocean.

Credit: Sims Community

Paradox Showcase

The aforementioned Paradox event also showcased another sim, Cities: Skylines 2. This will be heading to PC, PS5 and Xbox Series X/S in 2023. 

Crusader Kings III is also getting an expansion known as Tours and Tournaments, coming in late Spring.

For brand new games, The Lamplighters League was revealed. Described as a “tactical turn-based strategy game set in an alternate 1933″, this is sure to be an interesting title when it arrives later this year.

The showcase went on to mention some smaller titles which you can read about here.

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