Pokemon Go dev’s Tamagotchi-style Peridot releases soon

For fans of Pokémon Go and Tamagotchi’s back in the day, Peridot is shaping up to be the perfect game for you.

Peridot is an upcoming augmented-reality game from Niantic, the developers behind Pokémon Go and Pikmin Bloom. It will be coming to Android and iOS on May 9. 

Originally announced back in April 2022, Peridot will allow players to own virtual pets. They will be tasked with caring for them, breeding them and trying their hardest to keep them alive. For those whose Tamigotchis are probably long-dead, this is a good redemption arc. 

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In a recent blog post, creative director David Hollin spoke a bit more about the game. The team’s was to capture the same feelings we had back in Summer 2016 and they think they have achieved this with Peridot.

“Our team has been hard at work making Peridots REAL. They are immersive, amazing magical creatures that eat, sleep, play with toys, explore their environment, get bored, develop unique personalities, and are always in need of a loving adopter like you.”


As players, our job will be to ensure our ‘Dots’ are happy, healthy and loved. We can achieve this by feeding them, playing with them and even taking them out on adventures in the real world (Pokémon Go style). As a result, your Dots will grow through adolescence, teenagehood and finally adulthood. They can then hatch a whole new generation. 

“No matter how you play, Peridot is a charming, comfy game that delivers all the joy of raising a pet, without the mess,” says Hollin.

Players can also make their Dots unique, even genetically. “They inherit a mix of genes from their parents that can make them blue, black, metallic, fuzzy, goat-horned, big-eared, bushy-tailed and an infinite number of other “looks”. 

Credit: Eurogamer


If Peridot looks to be the game for you, you can now pre-register to be the first to play. All you have to do is sign-up here!

Additionally, you can also head over to the App Store and Google Pay to get a head start ready for release. As a thank you, the team is also offering a launch-exclusive party hat cosmetic for your Dots if you pre-register.

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